Let's Get The Hottie Started

Gorgeous Lynna Nilsson is not just a glamour porn model, but a professional DJ, and so we thought it would be cool to shoot her latest scene in her regular work setting. With a few little extras, of course… Watch this tall curvy blondie groovin’ to the music even as she shows off her stunning body, right down to her sexy feet in black peep toe stiletto pumps! Lynna tempts us with her hard pointy nipples and her round butt, peeling off her clothes as the lights and sounds envelope her. Can you imagine what would happen if Lynna really stripped like this at a club? Everybody would stop dancing and just stare at the erotic vision of this lithe goddess, as she stuck her fingers deep into her pussy and came like crazy… Well, there’s no velvet rope and you’re alone with Lynna, so enjoy the show. She’s your private deejay tonight!

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